Your Face Is Covered With Signs, Here’s How To Tell What’s Wrong With Your Kidneys, Hormones And Liver!

Clear skin shows that your health is in a good condition, and a fresh and glowing face indicates the health of the entire body.

Therefore, skin issues are a clear sign that you suffer from some kind of health issues. The face mapping actually indicates a real insight of the overall health.

Face Mapping is actually based on the ancient Ayurveda and Chinese medicine philosophies and relates the skin changes to the health of the body. In this way, it helps you to diagnose the reason for them and provides symptoms of more serious health problems.

This is how to so recognize the signs of your face and address other internal issues:

Area: Forehead
Related to: Liver, gallbladder

Explanation: The forehead is linked to the activity of the nervous system and digestion. Thus, your skin issues may be a result of stress and a sluggish digestive system.

Treatment: You should avoid fatty, sugary, and processed foods and eat lots of fruits rich in fiber and vegetables in order to stimulate digestion. You should also try some stress-management methods, like yoga, visualization, meditation, exercise, music. You can also treat this issues and cleanse your liver by drinking some dandelion tea or fresh lemon juice in warm water.

Area: The left side of the area between your eyebrows
Related to: Stored emotions in the spleen

Explanation: The lines in this part point out that the person probably contains inside themselves some hidden, non-expressed emotions which have, on the opposite been placed inside the spleen.

This is the right treatment for this: Try a couple of techniques to het rid off the elderly, stagnant emotional energy, such breath work, guided meditation, yoga, reiki, as well as counseling.

Area: The right side of the area between the eyebrows
Related to: Stored emotions inside the liver

Lines on our faces can be related to age and daily living but also to bottle up anger or emotions. Sometimes these emotions get stored in our organs in an unhealthy manner. Lines to the right of the eyebrow mean your emotions have gone to your liver.

Use relaxation techniques to release your emotions, such as yoga, meditation or reiki. It is also important to communicate so talk to a friend or a therapist.

Try writing or something creative.

Watch your diet and avoid foods rich in fat. Try not to drink alcohol.

Area: Eyes
Related to: Intestines, joints, thyroid gland

Your eyes are the window to your soul. It is so true. A healthy happy person has healthy looking eyes.

Eyes that are discoloured or too white may indicate joint problems, either a degeneration or something more general.

Eyes that are spotty may indicate intestinal malabsorption and red eyes mean exhaustion and poor diet.

A circular ring around the iris could mean excess sugar and salt.

Look at your diet and eat anti-inflammatory foods like oily fish, linseeds, turmeric, flaxseed, walnuts and an organic bone broth. Stop the processed foods immediately and reduce your intake of caffeine, sugar and salt.

Area: Underneath the eyes
Related to: Kidney

Explanation: When it comes to the lazy function of the kidneys, you may notice swelling and puffy lower eyelids. As well as, when it comes to the bad function of the kidneys, you are going to have dark, puffy ‘bags’ bellow the eyes.

Treatment: You should consume too much of filtered water due to the fact that dehydration gives pressure over the kidneys and damages their most essential filtering functions. Furthermore, you are supposed to lower the stress and sleep much more, plus to stop consuming alcohol and coffee, because they are going to bring you dehydration.

Area: Cheeks
Related to: Lungs, sluggish metabolism, malabsorption

Explanation: If you have discolored patches on the cheeks, they suggest slower metabolic rate and lower absorption of nutrients. Moreover, the issues in this area may also mean that you have some problems with the function of the lungs.

Treatment: You should try breath work and breathing exercises in order to oxygenate your lungs and build lung capacity. should also do cardio exercises regularly in order to improve the function of the lungs and boost your metabolism.

You should make sure you chew the food well before you swallow in order to reduce the pressure applied on the digestive system and absorption. The consumption of foods rich in antioxidants and green tea will help you to prevent such issues and protect the sensitive skin from the damage caused by common air pollutants.

Area: Nose
Related to: Cardiovascular system

Explanation: This area is linked to circulation, so in case you are suffering from skin issues in the area of the nose, they may indicate blood pressure issues.

Treatment: You should regularly consume foods that promote heart health, like nuts, avocado, tahini, linseed/flaxseeds and cold-pressed olive oil and oily fish, and avoid coffee and alcohol, which artificially boost the cardiovascular system.

Area: Lower lip
Related to: Digestive system

It is connected to the digestive system, especially with your intestinal function. If you have insufficient digestive enzymes brown spots may appear on your lower lip. Sometimes they can indicate a presence of parasites and if you happen to have pale colored lips than your problem is serious and you have anemia. You need to intake foods that are rich in iron and probiotics.

Area: Tongue
Related to: Lungs, toxin overload

If you want to see your internal stage of health always check your tongue in the morning. If there are present black or white circles then intestinal toxins are present. If the abrasion of the edges is “frothiness” then something is wrong with your lungs. The tongue as you already read is connected with lungs. If you want to reduce and perfectly remove all of those toxins present inside, detox yourself with detox – diet and do cardio exercises.

Area: Chin
Related to: Stress, hormonal imbalance

The chin is a good indicator of hormonal imbalances and often breakouts will occur on the chin, or around the chin, during menstruation. This is normal if it is ‘that time of the month’ but if it is more frequent you need to balance your hormones.

Distress by doing exercise, yoga or meditation.

Cut out all sugar and processed foods and follow a healthy well balanced diet. Check that your meats are not filled with hormones and eat organic where possible.