We Have Been Banned To Know The Fruit That Treats Cancer – Now We Reveal It

According to several experts, the cure for cancer has been finally found! It’s a fruit that works 10 000 better than chemotherapy or radiation, but the truth is held back in order for Big Pharma to profit off their terrible treatments. Continue reading below to learn more about the miraculous fruit.

The name of the tropical fruit is guanabana or soursop. According to several studies, the fruit is a natural cancer killer!

Why is this hidden from the public?

The truth is hidden from the public so Big Pharma can profit off their treatments. They provide the medical industry with synthetic meds which cost a fortune, so having a natural remedy for cancer is not exactly good news for them.

Guanabana is a short tree from South America with big and sweet fruits. It is commonly used in pastry, juices and smoothies and has incredible cancer-fighting properties. According to experts, the fruit possesses antibiotic properties which can kill fungi and parasites, and has also shown it can relieve stress and depression. Since the 1970s, there have been over 20 studies on guanabana’s effects on cancer, and the results have shown that it’s effective against 12 types of cancer, including breast, colon, prostate and lung cancer.

This fruit is 10 000 times more effective than chemotherapy and is also cytotoxic, which means that it kills cancer cells alone. If you’re suffering from cancer, try consuming it and you will surely feel much better soon.