This Little Bags Which we Throw Away are Worth Much More that we Anticipate and we are Not Aware About That

Bags with silica gel can have multiple applications, though by now most of you have probably inadvertently threw!

Small sacs with silica gel you get whenever you buy new shoes, bags and other similar things. Rather than throw them away, use them because they can really help you, and here is how.


In fact, you can place the toolbox in bag in which you carry things for gym or bag where you keep your camera because they prevent accumulated moisture.

Put a few bags in the closet where you keep towels, in the bag for decorations for the Christmas tree because it will look like new.

Keep them besides the windscreen and thus will stop the blurring, place them in a makeup case to stay fresh, keep them in photo albums for photos to look like new. Keep them close to the seeds you want to plant, in the order to stay fresh.

Get rid of bad smell of old books, thus you’ll put bags in the books of these packages.

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