Shocking! We Are Boiling Spaghetti The Wrong Way Our Entire Life!

Italian food is one of the most popular food in the world and one of the most respected cuisines due to the delicious taste and specific dishes.

She is based on simplicity and on a few carefully selected and served ingredients.

Spaghetti is one of the most traditional dishes of the Italian cuisine.

This solid pasta made of milled wheat and water is kids favorite and is a part of almost every kitchen on the plant.

We all think that we know how to cook this one of the easiest meals and I am sure that you all usually use a deep pot.

You feel it with cold water

– bring it to boil,

– add a bit of salt,

– when the water boils, you add spaghetti

– mix to prevent sticking.

I recently found out that this is the wrong way to prepare spaghetti.

The proper way of cooking spaghetti is different and instead of cooking them in a pot – use a frying pan.

How to make it:

– Take a frying pan
– add the spaghetti first
– add a cold water over the spaghetti (cold water will prevent the spaghetti from sticking)
– cook the pasta without mixing them often
– when the pasta is cooked, a small amount of water is left
– use the water for your sauce.


This process is faster, easier and saves energy and time.

This way you will provide a good liquid for a sauce.

Hope you like this method…