She Added This Into Her SHAMPOO And Forgot About HAIR LOSS FOREVER! She Now Recommends Her Trick To Everyone!

The power of essential oils is a subject of research for experts and scientists as well its wide application.

This days people use them as a main and most important ingredient in homemade shampoo for treatment a dandruff and a hair loss.

Hair loss, is common for both men and women and since this is a common problem for both genders there are many products sold on the market, but only a small percentage of them gives positive results. And those are usually the most expensive ones.

So what to do ?

No need to worry or to save huge amount of money because here we have an recipe for homemade shampoo .

What you need is:

-neutral pH shampoo
-2 capsules of vitamin E and
-10 drops of rosemary essential
-10 drops of lemon essential oil .How to make it:
-Mix everything,
-apply on your wet hair,
-massage it for 10 minutes ,
-let it sit for another 10 minutes,
Enjoy in your renewed and reground hair.

Thanks for reading…