INCREDIBLE FACE MAP: What Is Your Face Trying To Tell You

Typically, the Chinese medication has been ‘reading’ the face in order to discover all the body concerns. This is rather a logical explanation because the face skin is extremely sensitive so it would show any health issue.

These illness are typically presented in the type of spots, rash, lesion or complexion changes.

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According to an ancient technique, every part of your face associates with some particular part of your body. So, if you follow this amazing face map you will identify any health issue that takes part in your body.

1. Forehead– Digestion system problems

Issues with the digestion system are generally a result of over-consumption of sugars, processed foods, and fats. Likewise, the extreme usage of alcohol and high levels of tension can’t be left out.

Option: Ensure you prevent alcohol in any case and attempt to provide a good-quality night sleep. Likewise, beverage lots of water, at least 2 liters a day.

2. Eyebrow arch– Kidney problems

Kidneys are vulnerable to excessive intake of alcohol, smoking, impaired flow and heart problems.

Solution: Consume less alcohol, coffee, and beverages high in sugars but consume plenty of water.

3. In between the eyebrows– Liver issues

Liver problems can be outcomes of over-consumption of meat and chronic tiredness. In this method, both the liver and stomach are overwhelmed and are not able to work in the proper manner.

Also, food allergic reactions can considerably impact the liver functioning.

Option: Improve your diet plan with more fresh and raw foods. Likewise, ensure you practice yoga or meditation and remain physically active.

4. Nose – Cardiovascular diseases

Stomach level of acidity, impaired circulation, bloating, polluted air and lots of other reasons can lead to high blood pressure and heart issues.

Option: Visit your physician regularly in order to manage your blood pressure and the level of cholesterol. If you have hypertension and high cholesterol level, the physician will prescribe some proper treatment that will stabilize them.

Option: Green tea and great deals of physical activity will get rid of the toxins from the body and minimize the threat of other illness.

5. Cheekbones– Lungs

Any spots on your cheekbones can show asthma or some breathing issues due to air contamination or cigarette smoking. The same chooses dark tones around your eyes.

Option: In case you are a smoker, stopped cigarette smoking as quickly as you can. Also, reduce your direct exposure to cigarette smoke and contaminated air however stay physically active.

6. Cheeks– Lungs and Kidneys

If you discover some unusual modifications around your cheeks, they might be the results of bad diet plan, over-consumption of sugar, smoking or high level of tension.

Solution: Go to some nutritional expert to prescribe you some well balanced diet with premium items.

7. Mouth and Chin– Stomach

You can irritate your stomach with over-consumption of sugar, fats, spices, coffee and alcohol. Other factors that can result in stomach problems are high levels of stress and irregular sleeping patterns.

Option: Make some modifications in your diet– consume more fruits, veggies and raw foods. Prevent consuming fatty and spicy foods. If the issue still continues, make certain you see your physician or nutritionist.

8. Jaw and Neck– Hormonal imbalance

Hormone imbalance can be an outcome of a consumption of too hot and salty foods along with an excessive usage of caffeine.

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INCREDIBLE FACE MAP: What Is Your Face Trying To Tell You

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