If You Have This Hole On Your Chin You Are Really Special! Here’s What It Says About You…

Are you one of the people who have chin dimples and if you are, do you know what do they mean? You will find out by reading this article which explains what are the causes for that, what is its meaning and what kind of personality have the people with dimples on their chin.

Many people who have chin dimples, especially women, hate it and find it unattractive, but the case is completely the opposite. These people also have a rather interesting personality.

The persons with dimples on their chin are pretty noticeable as they seem like an imperfection on the chin area.

Many celebrities have cleft or dimple on their chin, including Sandra Bullock, John Travolta, Russell Crowe, Jessica Simpson, etc. no one should be embarrassed for having dimple-cleft chin as it looks pretty nice on people and makes them more attractive.

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Genetics and Cleft Chin

The dimple on the chin is usually the result of genetics. It represents a failure of the mentalis muscle to close at the chin, and a gap appears. However, this does not mean that your children are going to inherit the chin dimples you have automatically, as the gene has to be dominant and not recessive. A dominant gene is the gene that contributes to the cleft chin.

If you have chin dimples, it does not have to mean that your parents also had them. Some other relatives of yours might have had it. The chin dimples can appear after five generations.

How does cleft chin affect your personality?

Even though the people who have dimple on their chin are attention-seekers, they are not disliked by other people, thanks to the fact that they are fun and people want to be in their company.

Moreover, these people are flirtatious and do this very successfully. They have potent sexual nature which is quite entertaining.

Furthermore, people with a dimple on their chin are very emotional, more emotional compared to other people, as they can start crying easily, regardless of how they feel. They do this when they are sad, happy, passionate or excited.

A cleft on the chin and a dimple on the chin are not the same thing. The cleft chin is more noticeable and prominent, and the dimple is not to the same extent. This also signifies that the people who have cleft chin have also a greater desire for attention and appreciation.

The feelings of the people with cleft chin can be easily hurt if their partner does not want intimacy all the time. This means that these people have issues separating the sex or the intimacy rejection from the rejection of the person forever. According to these people, the emotional and spiritual love can only be proven through physical love.

In addition, people with cleft chin are afraid of rejection. They always see the rejection as something very painful for both them and their partner. They want to often be assured of the love of their partner, and this can even turn into an addiction. Nevertheless, this does not have to implicate that the people with cleft chin are affection or sex addicts.

If You Have This Hole On Your Chin You Are Really Special! Here’s What It Says About You…

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