Do This Cucumber Diet To Lose 7kg In 14 Days!

If you want to loose weight really quick, try this suitable diet for 14 days and see the amazing results!

The main ingredient used in the diet is cucumber, because it can actually make you feel full and therefore you won’t eat unnecessary food that much.

List of the products that you have to consume during this diet:

300 grams of fresh fruits
2 boiled potatoes (you mustn’t fry them) or 3 pieces of whole wheat bread
150 grams of tuna (without the oil that comes with the tuna) or 2 boiled eggs or 150 grams grilled white meat
Liquids : water, tea, coffee (without sugar and no alcohol and soda drinks consummation)
You can drink cucumber shake or eat fresh cucumber at anytime in between your meals. You can consume as much as you want, but only if you are hungry.

Cucumber Diet Menu (for 1 day)

Breakfast: 2 hard boiled eggs and cucumber salad

In between the meals: an apple, peach or 5 plums

Lunch: Toasted whole wheat bread and cucumber salad

In between the meals: Cucumber shake

Dinner: Fruit salat (300 g)

Cucumber salad recipe:


400 grams of cucumber
Young and fresh onion
200 ml of sour milk or yogurt

Peel and chop the cucumber into small tiny pieces. Add the salt and they milk/yogurt and mix really well. Add the fresh onion and you are ready to go.

Cucumber shake recipe:


1 apple
1 cucumber
20 grams of almonds and walnuts


Blend the apple, the spinach and the cucumber (don’t peel her). Add the ginger and blend again. Pour the mixture in a glass and add the almonds and the walnuts. Drink as soon as possible because it can lose it’s healthy properties. This natural cucumber shake is high in vitamins and minerals such as: Vitamin K, Vitamin B, Vitamin A, Vitamin E, Vitamin C, iron, magnesium, calcium, fiber etc.

In order to gain the full results, you are also supposed to exercise, that includes running, walking, riding a bike or hit the gym and even better exercise at home. You’ll lose weight really fast.