DISTURBING: After Reading This You Won’t Think Of A Solarium Again

There was a photo published on Facebook showing the true face of the disease of this girl who published it. By publishing the horrifying photo, the girl believes that she will help other people to realize how dangerous some habits are.

This girl’s name is Tauna Willoubi, she is 27, and she lives in Kentucky. She has won the battle against skin cancer. Before she got this terrible disease, she used to use the solarium very often and she did not think about the harmful consequences.

She retells how she had even bought solarium and had it in her home, so she and her friends often used it. They all wanted to have and succeeded in gaining dark tan.

However, neither she, nor some of her friends thought about the damage that this device can cause.

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One girl, a medical student, said that she had developed melanoma, so this young mother of a two-year-old kid went to the dermatologist. After she has done some examinations, she got the results. At an age of 21, she had skin cancer.

This is when her fight with melanoma started. She combated against the melanoma six times with the type of skin cancer, five times with basal cells, and once with squamous cell form of cancer.

Now, she is going to a checkup every six months or every year, and each doctor’s visit of hers ends up with the doctor removing a part of the carcinogenic cells from her skin.

If you want to save your life and your health, stay away from the solarium and do not expose your skin to sun, this girl tries to motivate people. I have shown you how the skin that heals form skin cancer looks like.

Also, I recommend that you always use sunbathing cream and protect your skin. Your skin is one, so you should take a good care of it, says Tauna. I used the solarium ever since I was a teenager. I used it five times a week and here is how I ended up.

She used to think that this habit of hers is completely normal.

However, now she has realized her mistake and wants to warn people not to make the same mistake.

She says that no one should permit the sunbathing prevent them from seeing their kids growing. Taking is consideration that she has a two-year-old son, we can all understand well her fear and her point.

DISTURBING: After Reading This You Won’t Think Of A Solarium Again

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