Dentists Are Warning Us ­ Don’t Throw Away Baby Teeth, They Can Save Your Child’s Life (Video)!

We all have gone through the process of losing a baby tooth, but not many people are aware that this baby tooth has so much beneficial cells that can save someone’s life. Therefore, do not throw it away!

Not many people can afford or are willing to stem cells in a bank, but don’t worry because there is other way you may do so and we are going to present it to you in this article.

Dr. Songrao Shi in his research found that baby tooth contains one or two dozen stem cells. These cells can be used to cure many diseases. Also lots of other scientists have researched the effect of these cells and the way they can be used.
The discovery showed that it could be used in heart, pancreas, brain or many other organs in our body. Dr. Shi and his colleagues revealed that just one type of stem cell lives in the adult teeth.

There was a new discovery in which these experts found that the stem cells from a baby teeth from children at the age of 7 – 8 years are quite different than the one in the adult teeth. The key question to ask is how the process works.

Stem cells are located in the dental pulp within the tooth, which then regenerates into neurons, bone and cartilage (or even cardiac cells). This treatment can be effective for type I diabetes, because stem cells from teeth can be turned into pancreatic cells which produce insulin.

In order to preserve the stem cells which can be useful, they have to be alive. Within 48 hours of being frozen, the dental pulp needs to have proper blood supply- less than this and the cell dies.

The Director of Dental Regenerative Laboratory, Dr. Peter Murray, says that oral and teeth tissue can be regenerated by stem cells from baby teeth, tooth buds, third molars, periodontal tissue or induced pluripotent cells.

There are services which can store baby teeth, which recommend removal of the baby teeth by dental professionals; the tooth should not be dangling, because this way it`s very possible it does not contain enough blood supply. Some companies offer storage container and at-home collection process, others offer packaging and shipping supplies so that the parents can save their baby teeth themselves.
Please watch the video below and see professional dentist explaining the importance of saving children’s teeth and its importance. Also do not forget to share this article with your friends, family etc.