Are You Making These Post-Workout Mistakes?

The overall goal of health and wellness is to have a good attitude towards and commitment to progress … not perfection.

However, what happens after your workout is also incredibly important and can even negatively impact your body and health. It’s necessary to take some time after your workout to take care of yourself so that you can enjoy the benefits from your workout and also properly recover.

Here Are 7 Common Post Workout Mistakes:

1. You Do not Give Yourself Enough Credit
Make it to the gym? THAT right there is half the battle – you did it!
Do not focus on what you have NOT done … instead, give yourself credit for what you HAVE done.

Keep your eyes on the prize and give yourself a pat on the back as you work towards achieving your health goals.
It’s all about self love!

  1. You Do not Track Your Progress
    Challenge and push yourself each time you workout!
    Write down which exercises you did, how much weight you used and how long your workout took – aim to improve next time you are in the gym!
    Love to run? Use a pedometer to track your distance and progress.
    I’ve definitely been guilty of some of these common mistakes a time or two.
  2. You Do not Eat Anything
    Eating a balanced snack or meal after you workout helps fuel your body and gives you energy.
    Your body may start to eat away at your muscle tissues if you go TOO long without consuming food, which can reduce your definition and tone.
    EAT: Fruits, vegetables and protein
  3. You Do not Stretch
    To prevent cramping from a workout, you must warm up and cool down by stretching your body.
    Stretch before and AFTER your workout.
    Listen to your body:
    Protect yourself from pulling a muscle by stretching gently.
    Do not overstretch!
  4. Skipping The Cool Down
    An essential part of your post workout routine!
    Your body needs to gradually return to its normal heart rate.
    Focus on the part of your body that you were exercising.
    TRY: 5 minutes on the treadmill at a fast-paced walk or a slight jog.
  5. Not Replenishing What You Sweat Out
    You lose nutrients and vitamins when you sweat and your body is working to cool you down.
    Drinking water helps regulate your body temperature and lubricate your joints.
  6. You Avoid The Foam Roller
    The benefits of foam rolling include:
    Improved flexibility.
    Increase in blood-flow.
    Loosening up stiff knots in your muscles.
    Using a foam roller before you begin your cool down session stretches and loosens tense muscles.If you are making one of these post-workout “mistakes,” find one action you can take starting now to improve!