After This, You Will Not Go To Bed Without A Lemon In Your Socks

Cracked heels can be really unpleasant and irritating, especially before the summer season.

You can spend a lot of time and money on creams, rubbing stones and other means for feet care, and besides the fact that they require a lot of effort and persistence, they can still be inefficient. This is where lemons kick in to save the day.

First of all, pick a lemon big enough to cover your heel. Then, cut the lemon in half and squeeze the juice out. After you have made yourself some lemonade, keep the lemon peel. You will need it for this treatment.

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Squeeze the juice, making sure that the pulp has remained

Place the lemon halves on your heels, taking care that your heels are fully covered. The feeling at the beginning might be a little weird, but you will soon get used to it.

Make sure that the lemon peel is placed on the roughest parts of your skin and then put on socks so that it stays in place.

The time you keep the lemon peel on your heels is up to you – you can either wear it for an hour or the like, or throughout the night. Of course, the best results are obtained if you keep the lemon peel on during the entire night.

The lemon juice acts as a kind of chemical peeling and thus helps you get rid of the dry and cracked skin.

Everyone who has practiced this trick says that it is very efficient, despite the fact that it looks a bit strange.

The results are visible right away. You will notice your heels will become very soft and the cracked parts will disappear.

After This, You Will Not Go To Bed Without A Lemon In Your Socks

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