A Woman Put Baking Soda Under Her Eyes and the Result Was Incredible !!!

One item you have at home can keeps the skin healthy and its uses go from   teeth, skin, hair and more.

If you add baking soda  in the tub water you can  remove skin inflammation and exfoliate the skin.You  can also use it as deodorant .

The best benefit is a mask for skin care.

You need:

 -1 tbsp cold water

-1 and ½ tbsp. baking soda.


Mix and apply this on clean face for 10 min .Then  rinse with warm water.

Tip :

For dry skin, keep the mask shorter and for oily skin, keep it longer.

Finish by applying  cream moisturizer.

The benefits of soda mask for face

-remove blackheads

– cures infection that makes the blackheads and loosens the skin

-removes acne  and blemish

-erase  scars ,

-soothe inflammation,

-stops them from clogging and depositing oils,

-remove dark skin under the eyes

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