8 Signs Which Indicate That Your Private Part Of Your Body Is Unhealthy! Here Is What You Can Do About It!

All women need to pay attention to the health of their vagina. The healthy vagina is actually acid and it contains a lot of additional bacteria that help in fighting infections and that keep the pH levels normal.

Moreover, the healthy vagina discharges small amounts of liquid that keeps it clean, just like the spit is being discharged in the mouth to help clean the mouth cavity.

In case you have some of these symptoms and signs, you might be having vaginal infection or some other vaginal disorder.

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Warning signs and symptoms:

  • Burning sensation and itching in the vagina and the vulva– Great amounts of discharge
  • Red, inflamed, and painful mucous membrane
  • Dry vagina
  • Occurrence of lesions
  • Abnormal bleeding
  • Smell
  • Bleeding after sexual intercourse


1. Protect the pH balance of your vagina without washing

Washing can disrupt the normal pH levels of the vagina, decrease its acidity and place a rostrum for bacteria.

2. Avoid fast food

Fast food can influence the pH levels of the body. in other words, you need to stay far away from unhealthy food, as well as from carbohydrates, sugars, and Coca Cola, as these ingredients can cause infections.

3. If you want to maintain your vaginal health, turn towards healthy diet

The appropriate, healthy diet accompanied by great amounts of fluids is necessary for maintaining the vaginal health. Yogurt and cranberry juice can be highly beneficial when it comes to treating vaginal health issues.

4. Practice safe sex so that you avoid bacteria

The use of condom during the sexual intercourse protects you from the sexually-transmitted diseases, such as syphilis, HIV, genital herpes, genital warts, gonorrhea, chlamydia, etc.

5. Avoid taking antibiotics

In case you must take some antibiotics, have a lot of yogurt, kefir, and other fermented ingredients.

6. Quit smoking

Nicotine, tar, even the cigarette smoke can negatively affect the bacteria that can trigger the bad smell and clog the pores on the pubic arch area.

7. Treat the infections as soon as they appear

The treatment of this condition is extremely important.

8. Carefully choose your clothes and make sure your skin remains dry

The vaginal skin is highly sensitive. You have to wear natural fabrics only, especially in the areas where your skin is sensitive. Make sure your underwear is made of either 100 percent cotton or silk. Synthetic fabrics usually contain allergens and chemicals that can irritate your sensitive skin.

9. Visit your gynecologist as a preventative measure

It is really important that you visit your gynecologist on a regular basis so that you maintain the health of your vagina in the best state possible.

10. Be careful when using soap

It is really important that you use a soap that does not make the skin dry. The experts recommend that you use some soap that contains olive oil.

8 Signs Which Indicate That Your Private Part Of Your Body Is Unhealthy! Here Is What You Can Do About It!

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