6 Simple Ways To Get Rid Of Neck Fat

Have you been trying to get rid of your neck fat but are unable to? Does your neck fat prick you every time you look at yourself in the mirror? With changing lifestyle patterns and the amount of unhealthy food we consume regularly, neck fat has become a common problem.

So, are there any simple tricks and exercises which can help you get rid of neck fat with great ease? Yes, there are! Want to know how to get rid of neck fat through simple tips? Then don’t miss out this post!

Where Should You Start?

The first most important thing is to set your mind to reach a particular goal. And the only way to achieve it is by sticking to your positive attitude with determination. When you decide to take the plunge finally, make sure that you have a realistic goal.

Keep in mind that it is not possible to lose weight overnight or in just a couple of days after you start exercising and keeping a watch over your diet. Instead of setting lofty goals, it is advisable to be realistic about your approach.

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In this context, you may consult a fitness expert, especially if you are not sure about how to start.

When you gain weight, the fat deposits accumulate in different parts of the body, such as hips, abdomen, upper arms, calves and neck. In case of other body areas, if the fat accumulation is too much, the health experts can advise spot reduction therapy. However, this therapy cannot be carried out on the neck. So, there are really no shortcuts to reducing your neck fat.

It is possible to tone your neck muscles that will visibly show the reduction in the layers of fat around your neck!

And following are the lifestyle changes you need to incorporate in order to achieve that!

1. Make Changes In The Way You Eat:

A balanced diet is what you require to follow to reduce neck fat. Here are some tips for reaching your goal:

Include lots of lean meat, vegetables, dairy, whole grain, fruits in your regular diet.
Even though there is no need to shun out a particular fatty food from your daily diet, you need to be particular about the amount of portion you consume.
To make sure that you eat your meals in small portions, make a habit of using a smaller plate.
Just looking at the small plate completely filled will make you feel that you are eating a lot and encourage you to control your intake.

2. Adequate Water Intake Is Must:

Water is quintessential to maintain the smooth functioning of your body. Adequate intake of water keeps your skin hydrated and prevents it from sagging. When you do not drink water in the required amount, it becomes next to impossible for your body to lose weight because water plays a major role in eliminating toxins from your body and lowering your appetite.

You should also keep a watch on the type of juices and soft drinks you drink regularly. Unsweetened fruit juices should be preferred over sugary juices and soda. On the contrary, you must prefer eating fruits instead of going for the juices. This is because the water content in the fruits has its own natural taste that satisfies your taste buds and provides appropriate nutrients and fluid of required pH balance to your body.
Keep your hands off the drinks that can dehydrate you. These include coffee, alcohol and Gatorade.

3. Opt For Healthier Carbohydrates:

Switching to healthier versions of carbohydrates is a must. Many packaged food products have preservatives and contain refined carbohydrates that do not have much to offer when it comes to nutrition. So, instead of just looking for the taste, you should rather consume whole-grain carbohydrates. These are rich in fibre and help you to lose weight as it makes you feel fuller for longer hours. Due to this, your body gets time to absorb all the essential nutrients properly.

Apart from whole-grains, leafy vegetables are also good at providing the required amount of fibre.

4. Include Lean Meat In Your Meal:

You need to avoid fatty meats like red meat and beef.
Lean meat such as chicken and fish are much better and are a good source of lean protein that builds up your muscles.

It is important that you focus on foods that are packed more with proteins than fats.
Eating fresh lean meat instead of canned one is better as it comes with less sodium.
Presence of excess sodium develops water retention tendency in the body which makes it difficult for your body to lose weight around the neck.

5. Try To Avoid Saturated Fats:

Saturated fats add weight to your body and do not provide any nutrition. Hence, you should avoid such fats. The best way is to say no to fast food and pre-packaged foods, frozen dinners and the desserts made in factories.

6. Do Not Slouch While Sitting:

The ways you sit affect your neck and chin muscles. If you slouch while sitting, it will affect these muscles and make them weaker. This in some cases leads to fatty depositions around the neck. Slouching is a bad sitting position and is responsible for accentuating fat around the neck.

Health experts advise sitting up in a straight position and keeping the head held high. This really works faster and helps to smooth the fatty creases around your neck. However, you need to work very hard to adapt to this habit as every now and then you may go back to your old slouching position. So, keep a watch when you are in a sitting position.

When you sit straight, your neck, jaw and back muscles become strong as they are being used to keep you in an upright position. Initially you might take the help of a posture chair to be habituated to sitting straight up.

Exercises To Reduce Neck Fat:

  • You should start with moderate exercises. Slowly, as your stamina builds up, you can increase the intensity. To get the best results, it is important that you exercise for minimum 30 minutes, at least thrice a week. Always follow the warm up and cooling off sequence so that your heart rate builds and slows down properly.
  • One thing you must keep in mind is that most of the neck exercises tone your neck muscles and give them appropriate definition. Exercising the neck muscles does not cause much loss of fat. The effect will be visible only when you lose weight from all over the body. So apart from exercising your neck, it is recommended that you must also exercise to burn calories.
  • Regular exercises such as jogging, cardiovascular exercises, biking, dancing, yoga and aerobics can help to burn fat and slim down your neck. Other exercises that can help you to burn more calories include swimming, kickboxing, roller blades or jump rope. This exercise to reduce neck fat should be performed regularly to get the desired results.

Simple Exercises For Toning Your Neck:

Toning the muscles around your neck can improve the overall look and make the fat less visible as the neck muscles become more defined. With the help of neck-toning exercises, you can prevent the skin around the neck from sagging and slowly improve the beauty of your neck. Moreover, these exercises can be carried out anywhere and do not require you to gather any equipment or gadgets for exercising.

  • Stand straight up or sit straight. Slowly move your neck upward with your eyes fixed to the ceiling and mouth closed. Tilt your neck completely back and start a chewing action in this position. Continue for 30 seconds and bring back the neck to its original position. Repeat it 2 more times.
  • Stand up in a straight position. You can perform this exercise even by sitting straight. With your mouth closed, widen your lips/mouth as much as possible. Tilt your head back and remain in this position for around 30 seconds. Rest and repeat two to three more times.
  • Stand straight or sit in an upright position with your head tilted back and you looking up. Move your lips as if you are kissing, and remain in this position for five seconds. Get back to the original position, rest and repeat it around 10 to 15 times.
  • Stand up straight or sit upright and open your mouth as wide as you can. Cover your bottom teeth with your bottom lip and maintaining this position, contract and expand your lower jaw 15 times.
  • Now that you on how to reduce neck fat, let us know if you’ll give it a try. All the tips provided above can definitely help you to reduce neck fat. But this is only possible when you patiently follow them for a couple of months!

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6 Simple Ways To Get Rid Of Neck Fat

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